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Filemaker 13 Adv stuck!

Question asked by pbedouk on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by greatgrey



I was working on my solution editing and running a script, when Filemaker Adv V13.0v9 stopped being able to run scripts. Clicking any button does not launch the associated script, and a second click just beeps. I tried recovering the file, and there were errors, but the recovered file doesn't work either.  Here are some behaviors:


Button click, nothing happens. Then opening script debugger will run the script. The script steps are not displayed in the debugger. Further button clicks do not start the script. Stop the debugger, restart the debugger and the script runs. Launching a script from the Manage Script window has same behavior.


Show/Hide the toolbar via opt-cmd-S also causes the script to run.


The buttons on the toolbar are all greyed out and won't work.


Other solutions have the same problem.



HOWEVER ... everything started working again after stopping and restarting Filemaker.