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Runtime Primary DB cannot be found?

Question asked by vcirilli on Mar 8, 2017
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I've used FM runtime app to distribute my custom database for years.

The has had no problems finding it's binded primary file.

(it's always right there in the same folder wit the ) 


Recently users are having issues when they try to open the database.  They are getting a dialog stating

the primary file can not be found, and are forced to manually point to the file every time.

This happens no matter if they click the primary file or the

This seems to have manifested in OS X 10.12 but it's not consistent. I can't duplicate the problem and other users running 10.12

are not having the issue.

Get info shows the Runtime .app as the default to open with.

Also this happens with runtime built with FMA v14 & v15.


Possibly a mangled pref plist ?  I haven't had any luck finding it.


Thanks in advanced.