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"Living" Database

Question asked by llamaassemblies on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by Licorice

One thing that is important for the database here is that we are able to update it at any time. Once it goes live, we wish to have the capability to edit it, changing or adding various sections. We also have very little time the database can be offline, it is understood if it is needed to change the database but it would be highly preferred if we never had to take the old system offline. Editing the database also will happen separately, it must be able to be edited and still be up to date.


So the question is, what is the best method to go about this? Currently I have a simple Import Records script that Imports every table. The drawback is that any new tables need to be added manually and it seems to take half a minute to a minute with just some false data. As that doesn't go to each layout, I also needed to add a second loop just to include a Show All so all old records don't need to be shown by the user. I also have a Delete script that I run before the Import that gets rid of any test data. The import is pulling from a file that I would pull off the servers when I am ready to switch databases.


As have might have been inferred, this is not really an optimal solution. We have short periods where the database needs to be offline and it may take time to import and then change whatever needs changing to the old records. So the question is how would you prevent this issue... if it is indeed preventable? Is there a better method? Reliability is also top priority here, one of the reasons I have an Import Records script is because I have heard that importing from another file tends to be less stable.