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Check if PC is online - Asset Management tool

Question asked by Stigge on Mar 9, 2017
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Hi Guys


Am build a asset management system for our PC´s.

I got a question on if its possible to check the online status of the PC´s, like a ping check. Maby also to check the IP-adress since the PC name is the hostname. By knowing the IP i can easy locate what site the PC is located. Dont even know if this is possible to do =) but it would be awsome if it did =)

I have googled a bit on it and cant find anything about it. :/ but i might just google on the wrong keys.


We are running FM 15 clients on windows machines, the PC assets is only Windows (so far). At this time we dont have a FM server, might be implemented later on if we get a good use of this asset management tool.


big thank you for your time, hope someone already done this and can easyly explain to me how it works, or maby have a reference that i can learn it from =)


Thank you