How to add record from multiple occurrence into single report layout view

Discussion created by anand4alls on Mar 9, 2017
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Hi All,

I encounter one complex requirement for one of my project task.Can you help with this.Your comment will be greatly appreciated.


I have One Layout based on Master Table,I want to clubbed report where i need to show all occurrence data from other child table which are related with master table using id.

As shown below Nutrient ,Appreanace ,Texture are from different child table which can have different no. of record, as clubbed report this need to present in one report which i then export as pdf.


I knwo list view to deal with this,but with that approach i can only show one child record at a time not from multiple table.

currently i am using dynamic portal where i set maximum size and then it shrink based on record.


The only problem with this approach is when export to PDF page break cut off the record in middle which is not acceptable as part requirement.


Please suggest some alternative to handle this requirement.