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Get calculated fields to update

Question asked by Eldberg on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2017 by Eldberg

I have a database which contains data about a cemetery. When someone is buried in a grave, the next of kin (usually) becomes the "owner" of that grave for 25 years. When the ownership expires, I need to contact the owner to ask if he/she wants to prolong ownership, or abandon the grave. To display a warning about this, there is a calculated field which looks like this:


If (yearfield < Year (Get ( CurrentDate )); "EXPIRED"; "")


The problem is that it does not automatically make this calculation when I open the file. It only recalculates when I change something in the record. I know there is a File option to trigger a script when a window is opened, but I can't write a script that will do this. Recods do not display the warning even if the ownership year has passed.


I tried to use "update field" but this gives me an error message: there is no field which gets linked data from "expired". I'm stumped.