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Question asked by roryduffy on Mar 9, 2017
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Just a quick one and hopefully not overly complicated...


On newer Filemaker solutions, I have the following Layout View options already ticked upon opening:

  • View --> √ Page Breaks
  • View --> Grid --> √ Snap to Grid
  • View --> Grid --> √ Snap to Guides


However on our company solution (which is 5 years old): every time the database crashes and I force quit and reopen, I find that these options are not ticked, and I have to go through and manually tick them again.

It seems a bit odd that on more recent solutions, these options are already ticked. I had a look in the Preferences and File Options to see if I could configure these defaults for the file but couldn't find anything.


Apologies if I'm missing something obvious.


We're on Filemaker Pro v14.0.6 if that helps (although our company solution was originally created back on v11 in case that's relevant).

Many thanks,