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    Comment out script line


      I've read the discussions about this but they are all, it seems, to be for FMPA. Is it possible to do this in FMP??.  It really is quite handy to comment to try something different.

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          Let me add that I am using FMC v14

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            I forget if that's still an Advanced Only feature or not. If it is, you can do this:


            If [ False ]

               Script steps here

            End If


            To temporarily skip lines of code that you don't want executed for the moment during development.

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              Thanks for the answer. I had not thought of that. Makes sense.


              Unfortunate that something as basic as this would NOT be available in either version. I thought that it was there in an earlier version I had been using and that it has been removed from FMPA v14. Does not make a lot of sense if that is the case. Thanks again.

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                Disabling scripts is definitely part of FileMaker 14 Advanced. Not sure if it is in FileMaker 14 Pro. I was suggesting on option if use Pro and then if disabling a step is not possible in pro.


                When they changed to the scripts workspace, they made the method for disabling a script step less obvious. You can select a script step and press ctrl-/ to disable steps in the workspace. (might be command instead of ctrl on Macs?)

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                  …it's also an item in the Edit menu when the script workspace is open..

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                    Regrettably, commands that apply to scripts are scattered all over hell and creation, some in menus (different menus), some with clickable buttons inside the Script Workspace, some in the Script Debugger. And, as I recently discovered while working on a Windows machine instead of my customary Macintosh, some on menus that only appear IN the Script Workspace, not on the normal menu bar. This is probably the most disorganized user interface I've seen in decades.