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    Text Fields


      I have a layout that is creating an issue that I am unable to resolve. The contents of the field is always clipped above and below the field's content. It does not matter how large or small the fields area is sized to, the contents of the field are always clipped above and below the field content. I am using FMP v11 because the machine that the database is on is running Apple OS 10.6.8.


      Thanks in advance

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          First thing I would check is the padding in the inspector.  Select the text field, open inspector, go to the appearance tab (see attached image).


          *Note:  this image is FMP 15.  FMP 11 will look a bit different  (only 3 tabs).  But the padding is there.  Adjust the top, left, right, and bottom numbers.

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            Thanks Phil,


            I did not see a padding option in FMP 11. However, I did try your suggestion using FMP 15 and the position of the text within a field was easily moved using the Inspector and adjusting the top-left-right-bottom padding settings.


            This issue is occurring in only one layout in the database. I've compared the field settings in the problem layout with the field settings in other layouts and cannot find any differences. This issue may just be a bug in FMP 11.

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              More likely, it's a damaged layout or object on the layout. What you describe is not typical of any version of FileMaker. You might try just deleting the field and adding a new copy back onto the layout in its place. If that fails to fix anything, try a brand new layout with nothing copy/pasted from the current troubled layout.

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                It may be a corrupted layout.  Weird.  I thought padding adjustments were available in 11.  Maybe they didn't come until later.  It's been a while.


                Can you drag a new field onto the layout (rather than duplicating the problem one) to see if that fixes it?

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                  I seem to recall Horizontal padding was possible, but not vertical and that part of the inspector was changed once they added vertical padding.


                  If this were a container field instead of text with center alignment, it'd make sense, but not for a text field--hence my guess that the layout or field object may have an issue only fixed by replacement.

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                    Replacing the field with a "new" instance of the field object does not solve the issue. The layout itself as both you and others have suggested may just be corrupted. I'll try creating a new layout and see if the issue disappears.



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                      I created a new copy of the layout and the problem disappeared. As everyone suggested it must have been related to a corrupted layout. Thanks for all your help!