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Discussion created by Jaymo on Mar 9, 2017
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Need to replace my web server. Right now it is an old Mac OSX server (pizza box). Looking for options. I'm going to list some below but am open to anything. Please let me know if anyone has experience with these setups or a different one.


1) Co-located Mac Mini running Mac OS Server software. Does FileMaker Server 15 support this version of the Mac OS? I need email services and support for multiple IP Addresses at the minimum. It used to say it supported the server version of the Mac OS but no it is omitted. My feeling is it isn't supported.


2) Use third party hosting so I can reference the database remotely from a standard service that can provide web, email and other services for me.


3) I know FileMaker Cloud doesn't support PHP but can I host my databases there and remotely gather the information from a remote web site?


4) Getting business service at my house. Any experience with throughput necessary to run a web site. I have 75/75 Mbps. I have three web sites that get light traffic.


Thanks for any advice you guys have!


BTW, Windows is not an answer for me. I bleed rainbow colors.