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External Container storage - virtual server

Question asked by MarkEaston_1 on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by MarkEaston_1

Let me set the scene;

I am hosting FM15 on a Virtual Server running Windows 2012R2.

All Databases are running fine. Client is happy.

I have installed a Digicert SSL so all good so far.

I have set my daily backups to a Folder on the virtual server (outside the Filemaker Server folder) which I have FTP access to and I can download the backups easily.



I want to to store these externally in the FTP folder as well.

I realise you cannot update the 'Manage Containers' paths when the database is on stream and on the FM15 server. The 'new' button is greyed out.


In testing on my development computer I can set the 'Manage Containers' path but it actually creates the folders I think I'm telling it save conatiner in.

EG: If I set say 'Mark1-1tb/ftp/containers/' instead of saving conatiners in that location Filemaker creates a new folder called 'Mark1-1tb/ftp/containers/'. Now, this is quite cute and I see that would be useful for naming folders using a calculation BUT how do stop it trying to actually create my path anew?


EG: on the Virtual server I tried to set in 'Manage Containers' this path C:/ftp/containers - instead it set a folder called 'c' in the RC data folder in the actual Filemaker server folder. (Oh by the way filewin:/C:/ etc etc doesn't work as Filemaker says something like 'platform syntax error').


So finally the question:

Can I set a path to the FTP folder I want to which is on the server but OUTSIDE the actual Filemaker server folder? I can with Daily backups so why not the container storage?


I am fairly technical but any simplicity in reply would be gratefully received!