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Deleting fields really messes up imports

Question asked by dataWolf on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by dataWolf

I'm still in 11, hoping to upgrade, but don't want to if they keep catastrophic problems such as this one. If you have table A and have a script in table B that imports fields from A, and delete some fields in A, the import will be totally messed up and create garbage. We use our FMP real time for staff to phone off of and whenever this happens, it completely screws up the data and crashes our system. You need to fix this severe bug. It's really devastating and a real show-stopper. Does anyone know any fix for this? Besides the obvious manual updating of the import step. I can't remember to do that all the time and shouldn't have to. And it's not simple to match all the fields either. Yes I know there is a name matching but that's not the only issue.