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Question asked by on Mar 10, 2017
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Good morning

I have a problem with "Managing External Data Sources" in FileMaker.

I need to interface db FM with a db in SQL Server. I created the DSN and also the external data source in FM recalling the DSN created.

At the time of creating the data in FM I specified the following parameters:

1. Type: ODBC

2. DSN: one created in Windows (only display those global)

3. Authentication: "Specify user name and password" specifying user name ("sa") and password ("xyz") of a general user created in SQL Server.

This means that all users who use FM and write in SQL Server, use the same user ("sa") specified in point 3.

In the SQL Server Log, the operations execute are registered with user "sa".


In addition to the account "sa", in "sql server", each user has their own login.

Is it possible in "Manage external data sources", making user name and password variable and not fixed ("sa")?


Thank you in advance.