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    equipment inventory


      I work for a photography company with lots of different cases of cameras and other other equipment. is there anyway to use filmmaker to track cameras, lenses etc as they move between gear cases so i know where everything is without having to move cells around on my spread sheet file?

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            Sorry, but I've had a twisted idea to do that for quite a a while as it's fairly common for someone to ask, "is it possible to do this with FileMaker..."


            And the answer is nearly always "yes, but...."


            and so.




            Do you want to acquire a ready made solution for that or create your own?


            And if you want to create your own, the real question is not if FileMaker can do that, but can YOU do it with FileMaker. Since I don't know how much you know about FileMaker and relational databases, I can't answer that question.


            But if you want to spend the time learning how, this forum can be a great place to get answers to specific questions as you set out to build your solution.

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              Ha, yes I should have been more specific. I figured it was possible, so i guess my real question is are there any ready made solutions. We are just getting started with FileMaker and a ready made version I could tweak until such time as I can start one from the ground up would be great. Is there a direction you could point me in to find such a thing?

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                You might look at the starter solutions that install with the app. I seem to recall that one is an Asset Manager. It might work for you or be hopless for what you want, but it's the first place to look...

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                  My FileMaker development company created what might possibly be the most advanced equipment rental software in the country.


                  You can read more about our solution here: FileMaker Testimonials and Database Management Software | FileMaker


                  And you can watch a video about our solution here: FileMaker Pro camera rental system developed for Keslow Camera by ScottWorld - YouTube


                  Sadly, however, this system is not for sale. But it sounds like your needs might be significantly simpler than what this system offers anyways. If you can't find a pre-existing solution that matches your needs, feel free to reach out to us for custom development work.


                  In the meantime, keep searching around -- you may find a ready made solution that is perfect for you!