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***HELP NEEDED*** Moving from Stand alone scenario to Muli-User Server scenario.

Question asked by xxx202xxx on Mar 10, 2017
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Standalone Mode:

I have been creating my solution using FMP15 Advanced.  I have constructed several tables and layouts with a boat load of text, number and calculation fields.  An obscene amount of scripts, portal etc.  "Everything" works well, hell, I am the only one using the solution while it was being built.  Then I uploaded my solution to the server yesterday. . . . . around 2am I awoke from sleeping to rush down stairs to my computer to read up on Multi-User Environments and have been awake ever since.  I'm terrified that I may need to rebuild my solution to work in this new environment.


Multi-User Mode:

This new environment will have at a minimum, 5-10 simultaneous users who will be either searching for Assets, Modifying an Asset, Generating Service Tickets on Assets the list goes on and on.  Everything that a user wants to do is driven by a script.  But what if 2 users are using the same script at the same time?  What I am afraid of are the possible collisions now that my solution has moved to the server. I've read about creating a User's Table using Global Accounts along with using global fields for searches.  I'm pretty much overwhelmed at the possibility of starting over that I am sick.