"If" function evaluates to blank even when result2 is provided

Discussion created by emurphy94108 on Mar 10, 2017
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According to the FMP 15 Function Reference documentation:


If test is True (any non-zero numeric result), FileMaker Pro returns result1. If test is False (0), result2 is returned. If test is False, and no result2 is supplied, If returns an empty result. Test must be an expression that returns either a numeric or Boolean (True, False) result.


In my experience, this is how the "If" function works. However, in FMP 15 this no longer seems to be the case. I've got a simple test: if a particular text field contains a particular value, then use result1, and if anything else, result2. But if the text field has no value, i.e., it's blank, then I get neither result1 nor result2. It should be the case that the only time If returns an empty result is if no result2 is supplied. But I have supplied a result2. So even if the test field is empty, If should return result2, correct? Obviously if the test field is blank, the test "this field contains this value" should return false (or zero), and therefore result2 should be returned. But in order for result2 to be returned, the test field has to contain some value, i.e., it cannot be blank.


This is seems wrong. But is this how If is supposed to work in FMP 15?