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Sub-Summary with Calculations

Question asked by icotta on Mar 10, 2017
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I have a layout that includes fields (which are all on the same table)  for participants, bus number, am absence codes and pm absence codes.  It has a sub-summary sorted by bus number printed above the fields.  I have another sub-summary that prints below and has the total number of participants for each bus.  This sub-summary shows the number of participants on each bus.  The problem is that I need this number to be  the larger number of the participants minus the number of am absence codes or participants minus the pm absences.


For example there may be 50 total participants on the Monday Daily Sheet. Each sub-summary have the total of participants on each bus which total the 50. There are 42 participants with entries in AM absence codes and 38 with entries in pm absence codes.  I need to have the sub-summary total show the break down on the 42 (the larger of the .participants without an absence code).  The totals for am and pm absences are not static so the data changes daily.


I have tried several ways to get this information and have been unable to do so.  I know there is a way to do this but it is really above my level of experience. Any assistance will be appreciated.