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Discussion created by hankshrier on Mar 9, 2017
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I'm using Web Direct for a project.  Since this needs to show on ALL devices, regardless of OS, this works. I have a layout used for entering data. On the left side is a slide control with 42 individual portals. Each portal is one row and starts with a different record number. Each portal is covered with a button.  Please don't make any suggestions regarding button bars or any other change. To accomplish what needs to be done, this works. On the right side is a portal that shows the results of script executed by tapping on one of the portal rows.


When the layout first draws, I get nasty flashing.  I tried to put a white box over the body of the layout, but no luck. I though the portals would redraw when the layout was entered. However, they don't seem to redraw until they are visible.




So here is the question.  How do I make the flashing DIE?




You can see the problem by looking at the solution by going to the following URL  https://lhr-01.fmsdb.com/fmi/webd?homeurl=http://www.dejavoosystems.com#kustomerkeeper
Thanks for the help. I was able to achieve the needed look and functionality based on a previous response.  THANK YOU!!