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    Screen Flash DIE!!!!


      I'm using Web Direct for a project.  Since this needs to show on ALL devices, regardless of OS, this works. I have a layout used for entering data. On the left side is a slide control with 42 individual portals. Each portal is one row and starts with a different record number. Each portal is covered with a button.  Please don't make any suggestions regarding button bars or any other change. To accomplish what needs to be done, this works. On the right side is a portal that shows the results of script executed by tapping on one of the portal rows.


      When the layout first draws, I get nasty flashing.  I tried to put a white box over the body of the layout, but no luck. I though the portals would redraw when the layout was entered. However, they don't seem to redraw until they are visible.




      So here is the question.  How do I make the flashing DIE?




      You can see the problem by looking at the solution by going to the following URL  https://lhr-01.fmsdb.com/fmi/webd?homeurl=http://www.dejavoosystems.com#kustomerkeeper
      Thanks for the help. I was able to achieve the needed look and functionality based on a previous response.  THANK YOU!!

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          It looked fine on my system.


          I noticed that you are using FMS v 14.

          FMSv15 is faster and has a nicer loading animation.  If you are able to try it with FMS15 then I would suggest giving it a go.


          Here is a video of it on my system FMS14 webdirect tests - YouTube

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            Thanks Carl.
            I should have been more complete.  Try this. Tap on the Deja Pay button at the bottom of the welcome screen.  Enter 3-970 for the log in. From the home screen, Tap "New Sale"  Fro New Sale, tap any of the items in the portals.







            I sh

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              I see.  The problem is in your script, it is causing the portal to be re-loaded.


              It looks like that is a single portal.  You could try splitting it into 2 portals, run your script and use the "refresh portal ()" script step and see if you can only make the second portal refresh, perhaps by not committing any data.  Web users won't be able to see that the portal is split in two if done right (remove the scroll bar).

              Otherwise you will need to come up with some other technique, the reloading of the portal is the reason that the portal disappears and comes back.

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                Ther are 42 portals on the left side. 

                Each button adds an item to the right portal.  Thanks for your insights.