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      For those who believe in it, use it to place guides on filemaker layouts.



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          how would that place guides on the layouts? have you tried it? do you have examples (screenshots)?


          good idea, tho! I created PNGs that could be "tiled" when placed as layout part "fills". and these use the various 960-grid spacing. After design, change the fill back to none or whatever design.


          so, maybe the same with this?



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            I try to use when bilding layouts but it's not easy with layouts where there is a lot of fields and when pictures, containers are melt with texts.

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              It does not place guides by itself.


              It shows a grid with a color you choose and it's up to you to


              1) resize the grid to your layout area (do this with the app being in front)

              2) drag guides in Filemaker that fall exactly on the PhiMatrix grid (do this with Filemaker in front)


              In the enclosed image you see an empty layout, with the grid created by the application in front and me dragging a vertical guide precisely on a grid line.




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                but I don't see the app (PhiMatrix  grid) in the background.

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                  The white grid you see in the picture is coming from PhiMatrix !

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