Changing styles in a solution

Discussion created by ndveitch on Mar 10, 2017
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Hi there,


Am I missing something with the Styles in Inspector. For a new client we are developing a solution for we have set all the styles to be the Calibri font and when doing a test on a different machine to the one we are developing on we found that that machine didn't have the Calibri font and obviously as some of you will guess the system now looks like a junior school project.


So now the joy of styling is that all we had to do was change the font on one of the fields, save the theme and all the objects that have that style attached would update, which it did. Now this is where my little gripe comes in. When I go to the other fields I see in Inspector that the style now has a red arrow on it and not the grey one like i assumed it would. I know its a small thing, but its the same as when there is that little 1 next to an app on my phone, I have to open the app so that the 1 disappears. Im sure it is just my OCD kicking in, but surely if I make a change to the style, the system should take it as a change across the board, or am I missing something.