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Very long wait before script actually starts after pressing a button

Question asked by TriasDigitaalAmsterdam on Mar 10, 2017
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On one of our layouts each field is entered by way of a button on the field. It fires a script which does all sorts of things, like the checking of privileges, setting fields in related tables etcetera etcetera. In our own development environment, MacBook Pro and FMServer 15 on a not so fast MacPro, it takes around one second before the user is in the field and is free to type.

Slow, but bearable.


I have put timers in the script, around the subscripts, but also from the beginning to the end of the script. The actual total execution of the script, from begin to end, lasts around 140 milliseconds. So, much faster then the second between the click and the typing.

Apparently, FileMaker Pro has to do some sort of 'homework' before the script starts executing. Getting the script? Assembling all necessary related records?


However, in the environment of one of our clients, the user doesn't have to wait 1 second but  f o u r t e e n (14) seconds ! & @ ! # $ !

The environment is 'in the cloud': FMServer 14 and FMPro 14 on different VMWare-virtual machines.

The actual execution of the script here is NOT slower, still around 140 milliseconds, or perhaps a little bit longer.

However the Windows Task Manager shows that the CPUs goes up 25% on the client.


Both virtual machines are/have:


Windows Server 2008 R2


4 CPU 2,4 GHz Intel Xeon


When I connect my local MacBook Pro (FMP 15) to that cloud server, it lasts around 4 seconds.


By taking out 2 of the less important subscripts, the wait time for the user came down to 2 seconds. Still very long, but no so insanely long.


The question is: what is taking so long and how can we prevent this or work around it?




Martin Spanjaard

Trias Digitaal