Perform Script on Server

Discussion created by GSalmson on Mar 12, 2017
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I have Filemaker Pro 14 and Filemaker Server 14 and what I am trying to set up is a global field that counts up to 12 and then resets. The global field is changed when a button is pushed and my script reads like this.


If [GetAsNumber (Table::Field) =12]

    SetField [Table::Field; "1"]

Else IF [IsEmpty (Table::Field)]

     SetField [Table::Field; "1"]


     Set Variable [$Count; Value: GetAsNumber (Table::Field)]

     Set Field [Table::Field; $Count +1]

End If


Only problem is that I have been reading that this needs to be done by the server. I have been reading up on the "Perform Script on Server" command, so I tried saving this script and tried setting it off with another script and using the "Perform Script on Server" command.


Nothing happened. I have read that the server cannot recognise global fields. If anyone has any bright ideas where I am going wrong, I would be most grateful.