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Customising value lists

Question asked by tays01s on Mar 11, 2017
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I would like some general pointers in resolving a problem. I have a solution with the following 1 to many relationships between tables:

Patient < Calc < Record < Products &

Customise < Calc.


On Customise there are various settings to change the value lists on Calc and Products. This allows the user to reduce over-long lists to reasonable length. The problem is that sometimes a user gets to Calc or Products and finds that the value they need is not there, so that have to delete the Calc record, go to Customise to choose an old or new record that does have the correct values. This is a hassle and a challenge to those unfamiliar with the software.


I should mention that Users are using a RunTime version that doesn't permit changes to the Customise record. This is to prevent them deleting values and so wreaking previously used value lists. A last thing is that Customise sets some of the Calc lists by an 'age threshold' and 'Product' value lists based on Region and Company as well as individual products.


1 potential solution I'd considered was to abandon having a separate Customise table and change the means of choosing from the value list to a combined button/drop-down/pop-up combination where you can begin typing to narrow the list / use as a pop-up so it's a complete list. To take account of setting Region/ Company to narrow the product list I'd thought to have a 'Customise layout', based on Calc table, with Calc::age_threshold and a Product portal for Region/Company settings.


Is the above a sound plan. Please let me know if I've missed details you need to comment.