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filtering a portal by matching ids

Question asked by AdamReed_1 on Mar 11, 2017
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From a list of possible expenses, I'm trying to apply particular expenses to a particular disbursement.  To do this, I'm setting an id field in the expenses record as the id of the disbursement.  This seems to work fine (I can see the id is set properly).  I am unable, however, to filter a portal in a layout based on the disbursement table to show only records in which the payment id in the payment table equals the payment id in the expenses table.  Perhaps this is the wrong way to go about this.  In any case, should this not work?


Each portal record will be visible when:

disbursement::disbursement id  = expenses payment::disbursement id


What I'm getting in the filtered table is just the first row in the expenses table (which does not have the matching id).


Thanks for any help.