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    Filemaker Go Crash, pretty much all the time




      I have a FM database that runs on in house computer with a hosted server offsite, and it works pretty well very few crashes


      I am trying to get a simple Layout to work on an Ipad to collect customer / prospect information at trade shows


      i initially tried using an ipad and selecting the same layout we use internally, but it crashed.


      So i created a new layout with only a few fields,


      Customer First name, last name, state, phone, email


      Two buttons


      "New Record"

      "Send Email"


      when i press new record it works fine and if i keep pressing new record and entering data no problem


      when i press "Done" on the soft keyboard it crashes every time


      I tried a cold boot of the ipad, same thing


      I have tried using a few apps on IOS devices and for the most part they crash.


      If i press "new" and enter a few records no issue, just as soon as i press the "Done" soft key it crashes.


      any help would be gratefully received.





      QLD - Australia