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    Check box on form


      I'm trying to reproduce a manual form that included a checkbox for a type of item.  I have a table of Items where I  select the type of item from a check box value list.


      The manual form I am trying to reproduce is base on a Report table.  When I start the new report I select the Item and and I would like the form to include a representation of the check box value list but be auto filled when I select the Item. 


      So on my Item table I have a field "ItemType"  with a checkbox  Type A    X Type B    Type C     (the X is trying to show I had selected Type B)


      On my Report table I would like the same check box      Type A   X Type B   Type C     (but have it auto-filled from the Item table)


      I tried various ways to get the look I want but can't seem to figure it out.