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    Filemaker 15 Container "Automatically play back" issue


      I have made a solution containing a few text fields and 5 containers. 3 of the containers contain MP3. All hosted internally. When I set one of the MP3 containing field to "Automatically Play Back" the solution remembers on what record and what layout I was when I activated the APB feature. Once it is on, no matter if I go to another record or another layout, when I quit Filemaker or close the file It always opens with the foundset, the layout and the very same record I was when I did set it. No matter what I do, the file will always open this way. If I de activate the APB feature, then all comes back to normal, as it is supposed to be.


      Any one has seen this before?

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          Jason Wood

          I made a test file and I get the same behaviour on version 14.


          On further study it seems that if the "Start playback automatically" setting is on for any container on any layout in the file, the state of the database (found set, current record, and current layout) at the last EDIT is what you will see when you reopen the file. You mentioned it's the state when you add the file to the container, but if you go to another record and edit a test field, or even a field on another layout in another table, you'll find that is what is saved.


          Whereas if "Start playback automatically" is off, you get the normal behaviour, which is that FileMaker saves the state on close, and you get back where you started.


          I'm calling it a bug, and a very strange one!