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How do I Solve this Timer Problem?

Question asked by joshuaw07 on Mar 13, 2017
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To simplify, I'll use "colors" to represent the field data needed.


I have records that require a final determination (FD) in a particular field.


Fields with an FD are "green".  All records are required to be marked "green" within 6 weeks.


However, before a record reaches "green" it is possible for the record to have non FD value such as "blue."


When the data entered into a field is "blue," I need a 2 week timer to be triggered.


Once the 2 weeks elapses, if the the record's data has not reached "green," the record is automatically changed to "green."


If the record reaches "green" before the 2 weeks elapses, the timer should be cancelled.


I have never worked with server side scripts or with timer scripts. What is the most efficient way to obtain this automatic data entry?



Our System is set up accordingly.

-Mac Mini dedicated to running Filemaker Server 15 and is on and uninterrupted 24/7

-Macbook Pro & iMac clients using Filemaker Advance 15 (for dev team) and Filemaker Pro 15

-client computers only have access to Filemaker between 8a-8p.

-all hardware running updated versions of macOS Sierra