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Inserting and adjusting lines in a portal

Question asked by JoeSand on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by beverly

Questions similar to this have been asked before, all that I have seen have been rather old.  I'm hoping that FM15 offers more elegant options:


I'm creating a solution for estimating and invoicing automotive repairs.  The most effective way I've found to display these things in via a portal of "line items" within the "estimate", or "invoice" layout, although I'm not married to this scheme if there is a better option.


Basically, I need flexibility to add, delete, and move line items within the portal.  Adding lines to the bottom isn't a problem, and neither is deleting, but an elegant solution to insert or re-position lines is evading me.

I've created a serial number to sort by (a number) and my thought is that, if I determine the difference between serial numbers of sequential portal rows, divide it by two, and use this as the serial number of the new entry, it will be positioned correctly, and since the serial number can be divided infinitely, there's no practical limitation to how many times this could be done.  Something similar could be done to slide rows up and down within the portal.

Sounds easy, but I haven't figured out how to do these calculations using data from different portal rows.  Anyone been down this road?