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Need to open file twice for objects to be in their correct position

Question asked by GH_1 on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by GH_1

On initial opening of a complex layout, numerous objects are "off kilter". They are moved by a few mm.


However, when I close the file, and then re-open it, the objects are in their correct position.




It is not the magnets. They are all set the same.


It appears to do with the Filemaker habit of opening to the window size of the last window closed during previous session.


I have played around with various File Option Scripts. For example, "OnLastWindowClose", going to the Layout in question before the file closes...setting the window size for the desired size. But it does not change anything. The objects remain off-kilter on First Opening.


Ditto for some scripts I tried with "OnFirstWindowOpen" ....



I have also tried Script Triggers for the Layout itself, and that does not solve the problem either.


Can't seem to get this thing "clean", so that the window opens with the elements in the right place.




Here are some snapshots:



Screenshot Mar 13 02.39.24.png

This shows the red "x" and some numbers (see pink ones) off-kilter, on initial opening of the file.








Screenshot Mar 13 02.41.46.png

This shows the "x" and the numbers in their correct position, after closing the file and opening it again.








Screenshot Mar 13 02.42.40.png

This shows an example of how the "x" is made, in Layout mode. The "x" is a simple text block, sitting on top of a dotted rectangle.




Any thoughts?