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Discussion created by J_File on Mar 13, 2017
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I want to give a few people who don't have FileMaker licences the chance to have a poke around something that I have developed. They won't need to change the data in the solution, just click around it.


I thought I could point them to the 15 day free trial of Pro, but after that, I guess they would have to buy it.


I also thought about hosting it on FM Cloud (Ireland), but I don't want the hassle of passing the charges onto them as my contract with them is finishing very shortly (my contract was for Project Management - not FileMaker, although I developed something in FileMaker they would now like access to after I finish my Project Managing with them). None us know how long they are going to need to poke around the solution for (it is a mapping solution to show the location of all their customers from 2015 and 2016), so I am just looking for an easy way for them to view this information in the short to medium term, without having any further input from me.


Any other ideas from this forum would be great!


Thanks, James