FMGO Advice with Deployment and Image Size

Discussion created by jbiquez on Mar 13, 2017
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Hello all

I know that FMGO do not accept, yet , Plugins. Is there any way to talk to other apps in an Ipad that help to:


- If User populate container field taking a picture. How to reduce the size of the image? (I know I can run a scrip on the server ONCE the image has been uploaded)


If the user is connected to WiFi no problem at all but I was wondering if something can be done before the user fills the container when it is connected using 3G.

With the normal size of a picture taken could consume a lot of data/time.

The same applies when you record a sound or a video.


Comments/ ideas? My first guess was that when on 3G the record all locally and once with WiFi then to sync the information. But What if client needs to send the information immediately but with a reduced size?


ON the installation and deployment issue:


- Is there any way to install FMGO AND the path to access a file without user intervention? or

- Once you have installed FMGO, to be able to add/remove new FileMaker solutions without user intervention (or the minimum? A Script on the Ipad or something similar to an install program?


One friend told me that maybe could be done with the program Apple Use to restrict/Control the apps installed in the devices. Maybe can be done but in this case is for one final user.


With a prospect I have , after almost an hour I finally could help him to introduce the path of a solution In a remote server using his Ipad and of course now he now believes it is VERY COMPLICATED.


My idea is to show clients what can be done with FileMaker and FMGO but if the first impression is that it is complicated to access the solution the prospect of client can conclude wrongly that the rest will be also complicated. Besides I guess that , in this case, giving the path to not known people could be a security risk in the server (¿could be?)


As Always I will appreciate your comments and advice.

Thanks in advance for the time.