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Google Map in Web Viewer error - FM 14.05

Question asked by justinc on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by justinc

I had a strange problem that just cropped up in the past week.  I have a solution that I created and has been in use for about 9 months now.  The customer is using FMP 14.05.  Just last week they started to get an error message in some of the web viewers that I put into the solution.  These web viewers are used to display a Google Map of an Address.  (It's a Customer record with an address - they click a tab and it shows them the map of that address.)


The error message is:  "Oops!  Something went wrong.  This page didn't load Google Maps correctly.  See the Javascript console for technical details."


Not only was this working fine for a long time, but another oddity is that the Google Map fully renders in the web viewer for about 4 seconds, before the error message shows up.  So you see the map layer and the map all looks happy.  Then 4 seconds later the error message shows up.


The exact same web page works fine when loaded up into Safari as a separate file.  I have tested this on two different OS X machines.  Since the error doesn't show up in standalone-Safari it's hard to analyze what might be causing the error in the Web Viewer.


OSX:  10.11.6 and 10.12.3

FMP:  14.05 and 14.06


This problem does NOT exhibit on FMP 15.  To my knowledge there were no changes made to either of the systems.  I'm guessing that it's something to do with Google's Map API...but then why does it fully render before erroring out?


I have attached a small video that shows the progress of the web viewer - it starts with the blank panel as it first starts loading, then you see the map, and then the error pops up a few seconds later.