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    Assistance with Fields/Values Mirroring.


      Forgive me for my ignorance I am knew to the FileMaker family and have not been able to figure this one out. I have a portal set up and also set up a star rating system from 1 - 5 stars. I am creating a player evaluation and need to create over 20 fields with certain categories like dribbling, shooting, passing and so on. Whenever I copy or duplicate the fields, whichever star (radio button) I select mirrors to the other fields I duplicated. Is there an easy formula to set up so I am able to copy the fields without them mirroring? I was able to copy the values and rename them but would like to avoid doing this if possible.


      Thank you for your assistance in advance.

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          Do you mean that you have several rows in the portal that all get the same value when you select a "star" in one? if yes then make sure your "star" controls are completely inside the portal rows. if not then please explain (screenshots would be a big help) what you mean by mirroring

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            It appears that you are duplicating fields while you are in layout mode when you should instead be creating more records while in Browse mode.


            As has already been mentioned, a portal might be what you need, but there is not enough info to know for sure.

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              I really appreciate your help with this. So here is an example. No matter the radio button/star I select, all of the others follow suite. If I select 2 star for Athleticism the others auto mirror as well. I have 3 other tabs I need to set up very similar to this one so I am wondering if there is an alternative to setting up individual values for each field. Please let me know if I am not explaining this well or need to provide other screenshots.


              Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.34.57 PM.png

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                To repeat:


                it appears that you are making copies of the same field object while in layout mode. Since these all then refer to the same field of the same record, they all show the same value.


                Use manage database to add more fields. Then return to this layout and use the field tool or field picker to add fields to your layout. When you do this, select a different field from the list in the field picker or specify field dialog Each time.

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                  So it seems I was trying to find a bulk way to create the layout since I am using the same format. You are correct, when I copy the radio button options it is copying the fields and the values which in turn makes it duplicate/mirror the selection. So if I individually create the field>Inspector>Radio Button Set I can then add a single value that does not duplicate any of the selections. It is time consuming but will prevent me from needing to create multiple values.


                  Thank you for your time! 

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                    If you double click a field object on your layout while in Layout mode, it opens the specify field dialog where you can specify a different field for the field object.