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    File protected problems on Filemaker 15


      Hello everybody,

      I'm living a puzzling behaviour on my environment and I need your help...

      My sw infrastructure is based on a FM Server 15 (MAC OS), 3 FM Pro Advanced clients for development (2 MAC OS and 1 Windows 7) and 10 clients (Ubuntu) that use applications through FM WebDirect.

      I've just developed a new application that needs to share 2 databases already on the server but I've a problem with the file protection policy: it seems that I'm not able to authorize permanently the access to the 2 db because every time the system is asking a user and the related password to access these files...

      I never had this kind of problem and I don't understand why it appears: in your opinion, could it be caused by the upgrade to the new version 15 of my environment? Until I stayed with vers. 14 I didn't saw something similar...

      Let me know if you have ideas because I'm finishing them...



      Thanks in advance for your support




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          It appears because you don't have a user/password that matches in both files.


          It could also appear if you have the "require full access" checkbox checked under:

          File > Manage > Security > File Access

          in one of the other files, and the users using the system do not have Full Access privileges in that file.

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            Hello Mike,

            you're right: actually I'm respecting both the requirements you said, I mean same usr/pwd and users with full access privileges but... I've understood that 1 of the db that I'm trying to share has problems... I didn't yet understood what kind of problem but of course some problem :-)...

            In any case, thanks for your support