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Summary details per project in the body part

Question asked by soundmixdude on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by soundmixdude

I am an advanced beginner. More than a beginner that is.


At the moment I am developing a solution that is based on jobs on different projects. At the basis two tables. PROJECTS and JOBS. Every project has one or multiple jobs. In the layout with the JOBS table I see jobs that are related to projects.


job 1 -> project 1, 1 hour, € 10

job 2 -> project x, 3 hours, € 35


With a sub summary part I can group the projects. As a header per project. It would be nice to have a list view without the jobs and with only the projects. Simply no body lines. Also with the total of the jobs of that project.


project 1 -> 5 jobs, total hours, total amount.

project 2 ....


project x ....


Is this posssible in the JOBS layout? Or do I need to make a new layout based on PROJECTS.