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    Calculation problems on iPad Pro/Go 15


      I have quite a complex system running on iPads, both syncing and writing directly to FM server. This has been in development for over 5 years now and is currently on over 20 iPads 'in the field'. I have recently upgraded the system to Go15 and put it on iPad Pros. I am now inundated with  calls from system users over little errors with the running of the system.


      I have traced most of the problems to fields not getting calculated or written. Some of these are as simple as take FieldA (number), add 1, and write back to FieldA. Another didn't fire a script when there were 4 chars in a field. This is a process that must happen hundreds of times a day across all the iPads, and this single fail caused major knock-on problems. These error are all very very intermittent, but with such as complex system I'm getting a call a day with some bizarre problem that when traced comes down to a script step not writing or calculating a much required value, and it's always when it's been run on the iPad.


      Today I've been troubleshooting a problem with a part of the system where the iPad write directly to the server. This section was designed 4 years ago and had no errors while running on iPad Air under Go13. Today I've had to fix 3 different 'miswrites' that came from the iPads. The new system has only been out for 3 weeks. I know this isn't a general problem as 95% of the other calculations/writes have been ok on this section of the system.


      Has anyone else had this kind of problem or am I just slowly going mad?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          We know that a lot of routines under the hood have been changed with FMGo15 in favour of better performance. The way how FMGo writes data to cache might be such a step.

          I remember having added some Script Triggers 'OnRecordLoad' OR 'OnLayoutEnter' with

               Refresh Window

          to get formula processed in my solution.

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            I have seen similar problems with scripts not running properly on iPads. The solution was to add either a very brief pause, commit or refresh to the offending script. This was done by trial and error.

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              Hi Andy,


              By any chance do you use a web clip (profile) on the iPad Pros to launch your FM solution file instead of using the FileMaker Go launch page?



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                Benjamin Fehr

                I'm using web clip (FileMaker AppMaker Profile) all the time but could not replicate such a issue.

                But it's also to note that I use the FM "Voodoo-Toolbox" described by rgordon on several layouts.

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                  Hi Benjamin,


                  The reason I asked is because I can replicate the issues on my iPad Pro quite consistently with FM Go 15.0.3 and  iOS 10.2.1.


                  • Launch from a web clip (AppMaker Profile/mobilconfig).  First time, everything works normally.
                  • Press the home button once without closing the file in FileMaker Go
                  • Power off the iPad (slide to power off)
                  • Turn the iPad back on
                  • Launch from a web clip again.  Second and subsequent times, the file exhibits worsening problems with script triggers and global variables.


                  When I launch the file using the launch page within FileMaker Go, all works normally even after power off/on.


                  I have only seen this on the iPad Pro (9.7") and not on iPhone SE.


                  I would be very interested to see if this causes problems on your devices as well.


                  Like you, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is caused by the changes made to FM Go 15 with the timing and methods used to save the application state ("File 'X'" as TSGal refers to it) in hibernation and power off.



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                    Benjamin Fehr

                    There's a known issue with 'open with web clip' which could be related:

                    Remote Open - Error Message 'can't find file…' but proceeds successfully


                    Anyway,  andypieman

                    I would recommend to move this discussion to 'Report a Product Issue' to have FMI Tech Support involved. As the author, you should see a option on the right side top


                    Move …


                    or we just kindly ask TSGal to join in

                    I also like to ask mschneider about his experiences

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                      You probably know this, but:

                      • Press the home button once without closing the file in FileMaker Go
                      • Power off the iPad (slide to power off)
                      • Turn the iPad back on

                      Is not recommended by FileMaker tech support as I understand it. In a discussion with TSGal in another thread, this is the equivalent of Force Quitting a FileMaker Pro app on Mac or Windows and could possibly damage a file.

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                        As I recall that conversation, it was pressing the home key twice and swiping the FM Go page upwards that was tantamount to a Force Quit.


                        Pressing the home key once should just hibernate the app.


                        This has worked satisfactorily up until recently with FM Go 15.0.3



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                          IMO, this problem is more closely related to this problem report:


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                            Markus Schneider

                            I'm following this thread..


                            Yes, I got problems with the iPad Pro 9.7" as well - and triggers are used as well. But the problems with data loss are not trigger dependent, it's more an issue with restarting (I wrote an issue report last weekend)

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                              It's a very interesting point. I hadn't thought of it, but the Web Clip is the other change to the system.


                              I was so fed up with the system coming out of sleep or otherwise just generally starting in an unknown state that I created a 'launch' file that closes all possible files before opening just the files I need.


                              This really does just launch a short lived 'app' that resets everything. Does this fit with your findings? I have to run this via a web clip otherwise if by some freak chance it didn't close properly the on first open script wouldn't trigger, though that's not always guaranteed via Web Clip either.

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                                I've used a slight pause and refresh/commit commands to cure random (but consistent) iPad crashes before in previous versions. I've also used them for strange WebD behaviour. They were never scientific. There's no reason why they should fix the problem, but they have. I thought the software had matured since then, but maybe not. Maybe an unnecessary pause will again come to my aid.

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                                  Whenever working with hosted files with FMGO I highly recommend closing the files when finished.  Never just close the cover or just tapping the home button to exit FileMaker.  Swiping up with open files to kill the app is also a no-no.  Create a button attached to a script with the Exit Application step.  This step will close all open file.  Train your users to use this button.  This might not correct your specific problem but it will help in avoiding data loss or corrupt files.

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                                    Hi rgordon


                                    I always try to make sure files are closed after use, but hibernation/sleep adds a whole level of uncertainty. If a file was open, doing something, then the iPad hibernates, on restart I find the files open in whatever order they please. I also use single signon to open files correctly, but again hibernation throws a spanner into that.


                                    In my experience, the swiping FM with open files does nothing. It does not reset the application like most other iOS applications. It will come back with the same problems. I follow another method to 'force quit' which is with FM open, hold the power button until the slide dialogue appears, then hold the home button for 3ish seconds. The screen flashes to FM for the briefest amount of time before leaving the user at the home page, FM completely closed. This actually looks to crash FM out rather than do anything subtle. I can believe we may loose data via this method, but it's sometimes been the only recourse.

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