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Best practices for sending high volume broadcast email via send mail SMTP script step?

Question asked by wintertj on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by bigtom

Hello community, I’m building a solution that has a requirement to be able to send a periodic broadcast message (ie: no personalization of individual messages nor any file attachments will be necessary) to a large number of email addresses from a single email address field in a found set. An approximate estimated use case would be around 3000 email addresses will be sent a broadcast message on a roughly quarterly basis.

The solution is hosted on client’s FM Server 14 running under Windows Server and will be using the client’s Exchange server to send via SMTP, thus, perform script on server is an available option. It would be nice to make it so that the resulting emails don’t display the other recipient’s email addresses if at all possible. A few of the email addresses are by design duplicated several times within the found set. Would be nice if these recipients receive only one email.

- In order to achieve the above referenced anonymity with respect to the email addresses of other recipients, is gathering all email addresses across the found set and placing them in the BCC line (instead of the To line) sufficient? Or is it better to loop through the found set and send one email at a time, then making the option to place the email on the To instead of BCC line the way to go? If the latter looping method is preferred, any downsides to letting this run as a server side script so as to not lock up the user’s client while the long running script is executing?  Perhaps some other method of anonymity entirely?

- Any anecdotes on de-duplication of emails within the found set? It would be easy enough to set a variable using an ExecuteSQL calculation with a select distinct(email_address_field) and use a semicolon and space as the row separator, then place this variable as the BCC value on the send mail step or to set a duplicate indicator field and de-dupe the found set using non-SQL methods by sorting and marking dupes as such and excluding from the found set. But, perhaps the SMTP server may be smart enough to de duplicate the email addresses automatically if you send it a set with duplicates and just use the built in option on the send mail dialogue to “collect addresses across found set” and let the mail server worry about the dupes?


Thanks so much for thoughts if anyone has done this type of thing and can help with me not have to learn by trial and error.