Container management issue after renaming database file

Discussion created by Programs101 on Mar 14, 2017
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When updating a client's database I had to remove the file from the server manually as I did not want to .zip nearly a terabyte of container files.  I also had to rename the database file before manually replacing it on their server.  I made the necessary permission changes so the database works properly.


The issue now is the container management for the old container files ... they are no longer displayed in the container field.  They are located in the previous folder ... RC_Data_FMS / OldFileName / Docs.  I've tried several methods of reestablishing the link to those files but so far no luck.  I've moved them to the new folder ... RC_Date_FMS / NewFileName / Docs ... then tried the Transfer button in container management.  I also tried to add a container management pathway ... [hosted location] / RC_Date_FMS / Docs ... but that doesn't work either.


Is there a way to reestablish the link to the previous container files?