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    Rant: I force-quit FileMaker more than any other app


      Between lost connection dialogues that disappear and cannot be cleared, to crazy long searches that cannot be cancelled (sometimes due to a slow or bad relationship), I find myself force-quitting FileMaker more than any other app (and I use some Microsoft programs, so that's saying something).


      Right now on my Mac, for example, I have FMPA 15.03 open; it was connected to a remote solution when my computer went to sleep. I know there is a dialogue box somewhere telling me that the connection has been lost, do I want to "close the file or reconnect," but it's nowhere to be found. All I get is a recalcitrant "boop" noise whenever I click anywhere on the screen or hit a key. I can use Mission Control to show all the application windows, but the one I need is not one of them.


      Luckily I don't have a local solution open right now, so I won't potentially corrupt something by the force-quit, but this isn't always the case.


      There are two other issues when I force-quit:

      1. the saved calcs in the Data Viewer will likely all be lost; I have several, like one that tells me the current window's size and position, I am consistently recreating due to this situation
      2. all my Inspector palettes, on my second monitor, will relocate to random places on my primary monitor, when I get back in; FM is incapable of remembering and restoring the location of the Inspector palettes on a second display (even though FM is essentially an Apple product, and is supposed to be compliant).


      Other than a reassurance that FileMaker understands these issues and are working on them, I'm not soliciting advice. Sometimes it helps just to vent.