Why does my FM Cloud SSL Certificate make no sense

Discussion created by J_File on Mar 14, 2017
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So I have taken the plunge with FM Cloud to have play around before hopefully hosting my solution on it. I am in the UK, so selected the Ireland data centre.


First problems encountered were during registration (I used Safari for the whole process) of AWS. Each part of the process refused to accept my entries. If it was a 6 part registration process, after each part, I clicked the "advance" button at the end of each form, but it did nothing. I had to log out and back in again - the info had been accepted. Had to do that 5 times at the end of each section! Weird.


My next problem is that free 90 day SSL certificate which was assigned bears no resemblance to my actual address. The SSL certificate is a massive long list of numbers and letters and shows up as having a host name mismatch. I have changed a few of the letters / numbers but in essence looks like this:




Although I have managed to upload an encrypted .fmp12 file, I can't see it when I try to access the host computer via FileMaker Pro advanced. I am convinced the SSL certificate mismatch has something to do with it. I think I need to somehow change the SSL certificate and get it to match my actual host name.


The final thing that is weird is that if I over-ride the fact the SSL certificate is wrong and get into the FileMaker Cloud Control Panel, using 2 different browsers give 2 different results.


Safari: I do not see the encrypted database that I uploaded, I don't see how much storage I have / how much is used and when I click into the "manage storage" menu, all of the storage upgrade options are listed as "NaN".


Firefox: I see my encrypted database that I uploaded, I see the amount of storage I have (40Gb total / 0.05Gb used) and when I click the "manage storage" menu, I see all the incremental storage upgrade options.


Has anyone else had these problems? I only registered for the "basic support" but am thinking of upgrading to the phone help support option to get this all sorted. Are FileMaker Technical Support themselves a good port of call for these problems do you think?


This was supposed to be nice and easy - far from it so far   .