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How to export a csv file with headers in scheduled script

Question asked by GaoshengHuang on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2017 by philmodjunk

I need to export records into a csv file WITH HEADERS. Here is what I did: I first exported into a .mer file; then I changed the file name into a .csv file using Send Event script. This script resolves the command as follows:


cmd /c rename file:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/BarrieExporter/20170314_Connect5.mer 20170314_Connect5.csv


This works fine in Filemaker Pro. However, I need to schedule this export in Filemaker Server. Then I realized this was not supported.


Any suggestion to export into a csv file with headers, or change file format in Filemaker Server scheduled script?


Thanks in advance!