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    Define spots





      I'm looking to create a DB in order to keep track of wine bottles.



      The first big issue I have is that I want to define shelves where bottles can be stored.


      I want to be able to define, how many bottles fit a shelve, for example:


      shelve A can take 3x4 bottles

      shelve B can take 2x2 bottles


      So I want to display shelve A:







      Shelve B:





      I don't want to use different layouts, I would prefer to be able to set width and height for every shelve and filemaker shows me the layout i want.



      Hopefully someone has already worked on this or maybe someone knows where to find a tutorial for this




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          What you're describing doesn't "sound" that difficult, but from your posting, I'm not clear exactly what you are wanting FileMaker to do.


          Unless you're looking for an existing canned solution to your problem, that is, a commercial application, I would start with a clear design on paper.  Or, using screen mockup software create, mock-ups. Then, define what you think a layout should look like for FileMaker. If you need to make computations for the number of "O"s, then those should also be noted.


          Create your ERD and make sure you can get reports.


          Once you have a little more documentation, folks here can help a lot more.

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            Thank you for your reply.



            I want a table with shelves. Every shelve has a different amount of places, in which i can put bottles. To determine these places, I want to be able to tell filemaker that shelve a has 3x4 places, and there should be a display like on the picture attachedBildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 14.57.59.png


            So I can click on AD to but a bottle into that spot.


            This is easy, but like I said there are different amount of places possible.like this for example:

            Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-15 um 14.57.55.png


            How do I manage that FM shows me the different number of places available?

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              Since you want to click them, these are buttons. You can define a table with one record for each location. A field in that table can identify the pattern/size for your bottles. A related table can have one record for each bottle. Fields in the bottle table identify location and position within the location.


              For your layout, you can base the layout on locations and use either a slide control with a panel for each bottle pattern and a script that selects a slide panel OnRecordLoad or you can use hide object when to hide buttons for spots not part of the current location.