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    New Server Machine Upgrade


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm hoping to get some feedback from others on what Server Machine they would recommend for an upgrade. We are currently running a relatively new Dell Desktop computer. We host 2 databases, one being 10.4 GB and the other 11 GB. We typically have 15 users logged in via Filemaker Pro 15 and between 5-10 concurrent users logging in via Filemaker Go. We also have 5 or 10 concurrent users logging in via Web Direct on their android devices.


      We considered using two servers but think we can get by with one really good reliable server machine. We are running Windows Server 2012 R2 with 16GB of Ram and a 3.4GHx processor. It really is doing a good job, I just get concerned that one day it will fail because we keep it running all the time at 100%.


      We are about to switch to Comcast 250MB Business speed cable once it becomes available and want to be sure we can maximize the upload and download potential of that upgrade. Reliability, speed, and ability to handle every hour backups without lag are very important.


      Thanks everyone for any recommendations of what to look at or stay away from, I appreciate it.



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          hourly backups without lag would indicate that you need to invest in a nice RAID array of SSDs.


          If you're happy with the current performance of your RAM, Processor and OS, then no real need to change that, just get something more current.


          FileMaker supports standby servers now, that may be something you look into (get a new server, and repurpose the old one as a standby). That way you have a reliable rollover in case the primary machine fails.