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Search All "Quick Find" Enabled Fields Across All Records.

Question asked by rickmerl on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by rickmerl

Im am a long time user of Filemaker from the "User" end,

however Im reasonably new to Filemaker from the back end.


I want to perform a search that: looks for match's across:

a. All “Quick Find” enabled fields

b. All records


I have the following components in place in my attempt to achieve this.


1 x Table =  “ASSET PW”

1 x Popover (named “Search”) that contains 1 x Field = “SH_SearchAllRecords” (set as global”)


“SH_SearchAllRecords” triggers the below script.                   


Script Name =  “Search_All_Records”


1.  Set Error Capture [ On ]


2.  Commit Records/Request [ With Dialog: On ]


3.  If [ not IsEmpty (ASSET PW::SH_SearchAllRecords ) ]


4.       Set Variable [ $data ; Value: ASSET PW::SH_SearchAllRecords ]


5.       Set field [ ASSET PW::SH_SearchAllRecords ]


6.       Perform Quick Find [ $data ]


7.  End If


8.  Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]



My issues are:

1. When my search result is successful, it includes the record that is currently visible, regardless that that record does not contain the search sting in any of its fields.


2. When my search result is unsuccessful (there are no fields that contain a match to the search string), the record that  is currently visible, regardless that that it does not contain the search sting in any, is presented as the single result.


What I would like to achieve is:

1. To exclude all records that have no match (inclusive of the currently visible records)

2. If there are no matches, then pop up a message to say “There Are no Matches To Your Search”


Im hopeful that a reader will spot where I missed a step or two, and guide me.