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Accessing a Hidden File on Filemaker Server

Question asked by llamaassemblies on Mar 15, 2017
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So I seem to be running into a rather serious complication. I have a computer used solely for development on Filemaker Pro Advanced and another computer used for Filemaker Server, each is completely separate from the other and is the system the company wants to use. I am using a Data Separation style, meaning I have a Layout and a Data database. The user is of course intended to select the Layout, not the Data, so the latter is hidden from the Hosts menu.


The problem is that there is no real way to edit the Data layout. Not only can the users not see the Data database, I cannot either, which means I am unable to access or make changes to it directly. The containers on the layout are External (Secure), which means transferring the database from computer to computer by USB results in loss of those images. I also seem to have no control over the external data sources, due to them being open in a Data Seperation layout where the one with the containers is hidden. My main goal at the moment is to convert the Secure containers to Open, but that is pretty much impossible when it is preventing me from editing the files.


A solution could be the installation and direct modification of files on the server computer, but I don't really have that option. So, the question is, how do I maintain a Data Seperation model when one of the layouts must be hidden? Is there a way to remotely edit a hidden file granted you have full access?