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Webdirect image cache problem

Question asked by InfoAuch on Mar 15, 2017



I am developing an application using WebDirect that display a number of images stored in a field. While staying inside the same model, each time the model needs refreshing, the images are uploaded again, slowing down performances. and causing flickering. I tried images stored inside the database or outside setting up the field property. No changes. So I checked the HTML code generated and noticed that for every refresh, a new temp file is generated, so the browser downloads it. Is there a way to change this behavior of FMS ? See the image attached and the following HTML code where for the same model/image, http path changes.


th v-has-height" src="http://srf-fms.auch.local/fmi/webd/APP/connector/0/6013/source/P1160001.JPG_2811.jpg" alt="" style="

th v-has-height" src="http://srf-fms.auch.local/fmi/webd/APP/connector/0/6111/source/P1160001.JPG_2905.jpg" alt="" style="

th v-has-height" src="http://srf-fms.auch.local/fmi/webd/APP/connector/0/6209/source/P1160001.JPG_2999.jpg" alt="" style="

th v-has-height" src="http://srf-fms.auch.local/fmi/webd/APP/connector/0/8645/source/P1160001.JPG_3537.jpg" alt="" style="

th v-has-height" src="http://srf-fms.auch.local/fmi/webd/APP/connector/0/8839/source/P1160001.JPG_3725.jpg" alt="" style="


I would have hoped that the images used are cached inside the same folder, avoiding FMS to generate images for every call, avoiding the browser to reload, and use this cache for every connected users.