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    One window - three layouts


      I would like to have a one window and three layouts in it. I can't find any tutorial. Could somebody help me?

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          May I ask what you mean by "layout" ?

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            I have three different tables and a layout for each of them. Now I have to open a new window to work with all of them. If I move one, I have to move another separately. If I could group them in one window it make my work much easier

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              It's one layout to a window, but you can have three windows open side by side...


              There might also be ways to combine the data in a single layout in some cases.

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                As everybody has mentioned: the short answer is that you can't do that.

                And if all the activities in these different windows need to be entirely independent; then you still can't.


                But if you actually want to accomplish something and get some help here. And not waste our time.


                Then provide a much more meaningful description of the work flow and what real world activities are represented.

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                  I'm sorry, I don't want to waste nobody's time. But I also would like to spare my time, that is why I ask for help. If you can help - please do it. If you can't or if you don't want to help - don't waste your time answering such a beginner as me.


                  I have a table when I keep record of my incomes and outcomes.


                  1 layout: add new record with all informations. It is a form view, with all my fields on it.


                  2 layout: list view. I'm writing my operations from a bank statement and I have a lot of them every day, so I use this view to check if I don't miss any income/outcome


                  3 layout: I have few bank accounts and every statement is from the specific bank account. Every statement has a current balance  so I use my third layout to summarize all incomes/outcomes and compare it with printed balance to be sure, that I didn't miss anything.


                  So I would like to have a layout where in the upper left is my form view, upper right is summary layout and below there is a list of my operations.

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                    Hi LeszekŁuczkanin ,


                    lets recap a few things in FileMaker:


                    • the data is saved into tables
                    • a layout is a window showing records from one Table Occurrence (TO) only that is some kind of alias for a table
                    • a layout may also include a portal that will show data related to the TO 'behind' the layout where it is inserted


                    A single layout is either displayed in Form View or List View (or Table View). That rule just break your wish as expressed in your last paragraph.


                    First let's talk about your tables:


                    • you should have a table where you define your bank accounts, say 'Banks'
                    • you should have a table where you insert all the the debits (outcomes) and credits (income) for a specific bank account), say 'Transactions'
                      • There is a reference between Banks and Transactions, because a transaction refer to a specific Bank account
                      • From that, you create a Layout based on Banks with a portal on Transactions. The portal will show only the transactions from the selected bank account


                    You should be fine with those two tables, with the proper fields.


                    Now about checking the bank statements you receive, this is called Reconciliation in accounting. You may not need another table in order to proceed to reconciliation, unless you wish to keep track of the balance at the date of conciliation. This exercise of reconciliation is more complicated depending on the way you implement it.


                    Are you comfortable with the description I made, is your file actually implemented like this ? I don't thing you need to work with three layouts.

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                      Not sure whether the "list" in the bottom really needs to be a list. Though you could use a tall header over a list and do this. Or the bottom part could actually be a portal. Then it is one large form view with several dedicated sections.

                      As requested by planteg you do need to describe your tables.

                      Can you make a sketch or some kind of mockup of what you want?

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                        I have also used the leading & trailing Grand Summary parts to add info that only needs to show with the list view items (scroll to top/bottom respectively).


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                          This is how my base looks. Now I have three separate windows (orange) and I would like to have them set like blue example.

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                            From relationships, you would have one customer record and one account record for any given Operations record. If you set up a method to find all records for a given customer, you should be able to set up a list view layout based on Operations with fields from Customer and Account placed in the Header or a leading grand summary layout part.

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                              Bringing data from different tables into a layout is not a problem, that is set in the relationships.


                              However, getting the visual representation you want is another thing.  Have you tried setting up the extra layouts using Portals?  If you  look at the built in solutions that come with FM, especially the Invoicing one, you will see how it might work.

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                                Hey Kanin,

                                I think, from what I understood, that you really, really, ...hmm. Really want three WINDOWS.

                                Because a Layout, in Filemaker, is tied to a "table". I think you got your TO set out really well, although in the Operations table do not yet use the "sum' but only the value of each operation.


                                Then make three windows, one based on the operations TO, on on the accounts TO and one for customers TO and show what you need to see. Use tabs or sliders if you need more info (exp. list and form view, or a portal) in each window.

                                Then make a startup file that pulls up these three windows.

                                If you are a beginner it is hard.. If you have money contract a developer who pulls this off in a second.



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                                  See this demo of something that can be done:

                                  Single Layout CRM Prototype



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                                    Here's a very simple example. See attached screenshot and example file.

                                    simpleAccounts screenshot.png

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