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    Portals Disappearing in WebDirect (Hosted FMPv13.11 file)


      Hello Folks.


      I have three files hosted on servers at FileMaker Hosting Pros. Today the portals are disappearing on one file, when I view it via WebDirect (Hosted FMPv13.11 file). It was behaving normally yesterday, and is perfect when I open the exact same hosted file remotely in the FileMaker (13) app.


      In WebDirect the portal is visible for a moment and then goes away. (I am using Chrome as the browser) As I say, I have two other files on the same server and they are behaving well via Web Direct.


      Thanks in advance for any Thoughts you may have?!


      [NOTE: I just checked and it is fine in FIreFox. So this is a Chrome and Safari issue.]

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          Firefox is not a supported browser, you're not supposed to be using that at all.


          Also, WebDirect 13 is two versions old now, v14 had a 25% speed boost and stability updates, 15 had more stability updates.


          As for why it's happening, it's probably temp files interfering or the WPE needs to be restarted.


          For the first one, just clear your browser's temporary files completely and refresh the page.


          For the latter, you may need to contact your hosting company.


          As a design preference, I usually suggest not using portals in WebDirect, with the preference being plain list and form views.

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