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Stop users squatting records

Question asked by anothersmurf on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by andyw88

I can't be the only one to have this problem, so I'm hoping someone smarter than me has solved it...


A DB is hosted. A user sticks the cursor in a field and leaves it there for hours, while doing other things. Meanwhile I can't make any changes to field definitions (unless I kick the user out of the database).


Is there some way to prevent this problem? e.g. Commit Records/Requests after 5 minutes of idle time?


I'm not interested in a field/layout-specific solution, since there are lots of fields and layouts and setting an onTimer script for every one of them would take days of tedious work. DB-specific would be OK, client/server-specific would be ideal (e.g. plugin).